Environmental Policy

Enforced on

Basic philosophy

HOKKAN HOLDINGS deeply recognizes that we are able to pursue our corporate activities as container manufacturers/ filling companies/ machine producers only by benefitting from “the precious, invaluable earth.” Therefore, we shall endeavor to carry out our social duties by continuously improving our actions in order to deserve being known as a company that’s a part of “the century of the environment.”

Action agenda

  • We shall observe environmental laws and regulations, ordinances, agreements, and other requirements.
  • We shall operate safely, and shall save energy and resources.
  • We shall make efforts to reduce waste and promote recycling.
  • We shall give consideration to the environment when developing new products and technologies.
  • We shall endeavor to reduce the usage and discharge of chemical substances for which environmental loads are high.
  • We shall enthusiastically participate in recycling activities.
  • We shall engage in educational activities and public relations campaigns to raise the environmental awareness of our employees, while proactively participating in local environmental activities.