Greetings from the President

Greetings from the PresidentEnhancing Environment Adaptability and
Achieving Sustainable Growth

Our company was established in 1921 as manufacturing company of empty can for canned food in Otaru, Hokkaido.

Later, we expanded the business to Honshu, and entered filling business and machinery production. As a result of responding appropriately and constantly toward changing times and markets, we have been continued to manage our business successfully until now.

Although market environment around us seems to change rapidly, we aim to continue strong presence and vitality of group companies by showing our「Environment Adaptability」which we acquired until now, and strengthen it even more.

Our group has been started new medium-term management plan called 「FUTURE-5」from this year to year 2020.

In this mid-term management plan, we pointed three basic strategies such as「Transformation of Business Structure」, 「Expansion of Oversea Business」,「Creation of New Business」

By implementing these strategies steadily and accomplishing planned target values, we will earn the trust and expectation of all stakeholders includes shareholders, customers, and suppliers.

Moreover, it has been well said that「Business is People」. We believe that human resource development and maintenance are source of our group’s development. By providing workplace that each employee can have worthwhile work with sense of mission actively, we will respect his/her personality and characteristic, and try our best to prepare environment that can perform his/her full potential.

By ceaseless efforts to this 「Human Resource Development」as our foundation, our group will continue to enhance our permanent theme which is 「Manufacturing Strength」.

Our group continues to strive business activities which contribute development of society and economy widely.

We would appreciate it if you could support and cooperate with us.


Kosuke Ikeda
President and representative director