Machinery Production Business KE・OS Machinery Co.,Ltd

Machinery Production Business KE・OS Machinery Co., Ltd.

MESSAGEProvide new value to the society by
high degree of proffessionalism

KE・OS Machinery Co.,Ltd develops and sales food quality management system, medical machines, and automobile parts manufacturing machines. For instance, cooling machines which creates nearly 0 degree celsius for food quality management contributes to keep freshness of food freshness. In addition, the machines which inspect the food condition without damaging food by using infrared light enables to keep the food safety and quality. These technologies enhance level of food quality management and productivity of food industry.

KE・OS Machinery Co.,Ltd was established by consolidation of OS Machinery and KE Corporation in 2012. We have researched and developed mat clearning machines and food cooling machines for long time. Based on these sophisticated and diverse technologies, we also work to achieve many different types of machines in various industries. What we mostly focus on as always is to challenge and have spirit of innovation.

Corporate Profile

Company name KE・OS Machinery Co., Ltd.
Representative Takeki Kajimoto, resident and representative director
Establishment date May, 2012
Founded April, 2012
Capital 80 million yen
625-7 Shishihara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Tokyo office:
1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sankei building 27 floor
Hiroshima office:
2-17-2 Kuchitaminami, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima Prefecture
URL http://www.ke-c.co.jp/

Business Domains

  • Cooling and heating system engeneering
  • energy reduction facilities
  • energy reduction lines
  • environmental manipulation business
  • Sales of auto related machines

Corporate History

KE Corporation Co.,Ltd Prehistory

1910 Fujisaburo Kajimoto(grand father of recent president)established in Osaka
1946 Tadatsune Kajimoto(father of recent president)established Kajimoto Kikai Kogyo Co.,Ltd at former Shimizu-shi
1975 Invent mat clearning machine and packing machine
1983 invent food cooling devices
1984 became part of founder of Hyoon Research Laboratory Co.,Ltd
1989 Invent various use of thawing machine
1992 Feb Change the name of company as KE Corporation Co.,Ltd
1995 Jul Takeshi Kajimoto placed as president and representative director
1997 Mar started building new factory of system department at Shimizu industrial area
2010 Jun 100th anniversary

KE・OS Machinery

2012 Apr Established KE・OS Machinery Consolidation of KE corporation and OS Machinery

Affiliate Companies


OS Machinery is a general machine manufacturer which offers machines for customers in various industries, especially for beverage containers industry. We design and produce manufacturing machines for new ideal can and bottles such as the ultra-high-speed container manufacturing machines and can precision molds which require micron-level precision. After producing them, we provide services that undertake after product service, installation of production lines, and further constraction of factories.

OS Machinery Corp.