Machinery Production Business OSMACHINERY CORP.

Machinery Production Business OS Machinery Corp.

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OS Machinery is a general machine manufacturer which offers machines for customers in various industries, especially for beverage containers industry. We design and produce manufacturing machines for new ideal can and bottles such as the ultra-high-speed container manufacturing machines and can precision molds which require micron-level precision. After producing them, we provide services that undertake after product service, installation of production lines, and further constraction of factories.

OS Machinery was first established as Hokkai Can Co.,Ltd’s machinery shop in 1974. Since then, we have provided a total coordinating system which undertakes everything from the design and production of manufacturing machines to installation of production lines, and further to constraction of factories. We use know-how gained in building production liens for Hokkai Can and Nihon Canpack, and currently develop various types of machines in different industry such as automobile.

Corporate Profile

Company name OS Machinery Corp.
Representative Yutaka Osanai, president and representative director
Founded November 1, 1974
Capital 400 million yen
headquaters・Gunma Factory:
4119-1 Aza-Kurakake, Oaza-Akahori, Ouramachi, Oura-gun, Gunma Prefecture
Otaru Factory:
3-511-12 Zenibako, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
URL http://www.osmachinery.co.jp/

Business Domains

  • Design and production of drink container production machines, general industrial machines, and dies and molds
  • Overhauling and maintenance of various machines
  • design, installation, and construction of various manufacturing lines

Corporate History

1974 Nov Founded(Otaru Seisakusyo Co., Ltd)
1998 Oct Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification , environmental management system (Otaru factory)
2000   Opening of Tatebayashi factory
2003 Feb Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification, quality management system (Gunma factory)
2004 Oct New opening of the Gunma factory (transferring from the Tatebayashi factory)
2005 Oct Change of company name to "OS Machinery Corp.
Apr Development of new liqud pouch fillin machine, Ryoga
2006   capital increased to 400 milliion yen
2007 Apr started providing Internal control system
2012   Established KE・OS Machinery Co.,Ltd (subsidiary)

Authorization / approval / licensing(ISO and HACCP)

Certification name Factory name Acquisition date
ISO 14001 Environmental management system Otaru factory Oct, 1998
ISO 9001 Quality management system Otaru and Gunma factory Feb, 2003

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