Filling Business Kujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd

Filling Business Kujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd.

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Kujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd manufactures and sales daily products such as milk and yogurt, and farmented milk which becomes raw material of beverage products. Especially, farmented milk blending two kinds of starter is widely used for drinks and foods specified for health use. In addition, we offer contract manufacturing of yogurt products with special facilities which enable produce half million units. We have experiences for over a century, and offer original manufacturing services to customers.

Kujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd was establieshed at Kumagaya-shi, saitama in 1875. Since then, we have been manufacturing and saling dairy products such as milk. In 2014, we took place as a subsidiary of Nihon Canpack Co.,Ltd, and restarted our business with new factory at Gyoda-shi saitama. We corabolated our traditional and original manufacturing method with the advanced technologies, and endeovar to offer valued products with focusing onto quality, safety, healthy, and tasty.

Corporate Profile

Company name Kujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd.
Representative Syuji Kimura, president and representative director
Establishment date December, 1875
Founded March 23, 1983
Capital 30 million yen
3040 Mankichi, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama prefecture
Gyoda factory
1-5-3 Fujimicho, Gyoda-shi, Saitama prefecture
URL http://www.kujirai.co.jp/

Business Domains

  • Dairy products manufacturing
  • lactobacillus beverages manufacturing
  • Soft-drink manufacturing and sales
  • Milk and daily products sales

Corporate History

1875 Dec Jisuke Kujirai, the founder of Kujirai Nyugyo Co.,Ltd, established the company named as Kujirai Shinsya
1983 Mar Matsuzakaya Kenzai Co.,Ltd took place of Kujirai Shinsha and established Kujirai Nyugyo Co.,Ltd
Ryoji Kujirai became president and representative director of Kujirai Nyugyo.
2014 Jun Nihon Canpack Co.,Ltd, the largest beverage filling company in Japan, got involved in business management of Kujirai Nyugyo, and Syuji Kimura was placed as president and representative director
2015 Oct completion of Gyoda factory, and moved office to the Gyoda factory at Gyoda-shi, Saitama
Feb Started manufacturing yogurt at Gyoda factory
Mar Clasure of business at Kumagaya factory

Affiliate Companies

Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.

Nihon Canpack Co.,Ltd is contract filling company mainly focusing on both can and pet bottled beverages. We have facilities that can flexibily respond to both huge and small amount of filling demands, and also filling for many types of special shape bottles. Especially, our fastest aseptic filling line in the world, which can fill 1200 bottles per munite, produces 29 billion bottles per year which is the top of Japne. Our facilities are also able to fill 1500 cans per munite.

Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.