Container Business TOHTO MOLDING CO.,LTD

Container Business TOHTO MOLDING CO.,LTD

MESSAGEBottle manufacturer which always offers the best quality

TOHTO MOLDING CO.,LTD is a bottle manufacturer that produces a wide variety of plastic containers for household products, such as for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products, as well as for agricultural and industrial uses. In addition, we enable to offer the products that match to each customer’s request by the advanced manufacturing lines and internal manufacturing structure that operates from design and production to distribution. We also work with printing and labeling companies, and it is another reason why our customers satisfy with our products.

TOHTO MOLDING CO.,LTD has been mainly focused on manufacturing plastic containers since 1954. However, we started to produce and sell BIB(bag-in-box) by taking over the chemical product division of HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD in 1972. Moreover, in 2015, we acquired NIHON KIM which has unique technologies specialized in pouch manufacturing with cap. As a result of NIHON KIM’s expertized technologies to our own technologies, we,TOHTO MOLDING CO.,LTD, enable to respond to each customer’s needs at each era.

Corporate Profile

Representative Hideyoshi Orihara, president and representative director
Establishment date April 5, 1954
Capital 160 million yen
Head factory
Tokyo sales office
4-25,SK-heights Shibashinmachi #207, Shibashinmachi,Kawaguchi-shi,Saitama
Osaka sales office
1-5-7,Nishimura building,Honcho,Chuo-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka
Hokkaido sales office
URL http://www.tohto-seikei.co.jp/

Business Domains

  • To manufacture and sell plastic containers and bag-in-box
  • manufacturing and selling BIB (bag-in-box) containers

Corporate History

1954 We founded in Ota-ku, Tokyo with 2 million yen in capital as a production and sales company for polyethylene blow moldings
1956 Akabane factory established in Kita-ku, Tokyo and Osaka sales office opened. capital increased to 4 million yen
1957 Production equipment is gathered at the Akabane factory and Kamata factory was closed down. Capital increase to 20 million yen
1960 Receive the JIS certification of polyethylene bottles
1961 Akabane factory has renovated. Capital increased to 40 million yen. The company became an affiliated company of HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD
1962 Rotary blowmolding machines installed for vinyl chloride and started to selling food container products for edible oil
1966 To transfer a factory in Bijogi,Toda-shi, Saitama-ken in order to strengthen production capacity
1967 Entered the soy sauce bottle market using vinyl chloride containers; expanded the demand for bottles together with inside plugs, including sauces/sweet cooking rice seasoning/refined sake
1971 "The company enterd Cosmetics industry.Installed the printing press Capital increased to 160 million yen
1972 Established Hokkaido office to succeed the chemical product division of HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD; production and sales of a liquid transportation container (bag-in-box) with the brand name "Liqui-Tainer" began
1974 To partner with Liqui-Box Corporation technical cooperation in order to improve quality of Liqui-Tainer
1975 To develop a multi-layerd bottle with polypropylene and nylon
1978 PET bottle molding machines installed and began to production and sales
1981 Introducing the molding machine to produce pvc stretch blow molded bottle and began to sales
1983 Initiated the production of PET bottles for carbonated drinks
1988 Founded the Liqui-Tainer factory in Kawamata,Meiwa-machi, Gunma
1989 Transferred the production of PET plastic food and carbonated drink bottles to the Chiyoda factory of HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD
1992 Established resin insert-molding technology for metals
1995 Started production line new establishment of PET bottles that use hot parison method
1997 Established a manufacturing technology of the resin bottle having a high barrier property and began selling for cosmetics
1999 Stop the production and sale of vinyl chloride resin container
2001 Head factory and sales offices acquired ISO 9001 certification
2002 Moved the Liqui-Tainer factory to the present location
2003 Relocation of head factory to the present location; operation of new factory started
2004 The second plant established Chiyoda-machi,Gunma
2008 "The partner companirs to subsidiary by The partner companirs to subsidiary by "Koeisha" in Ishikari-shi,Hokkaido. And then changed its name "Tohto package"
2009 The partner companirs to subsidiary by "Tohto kako" in Shirakawa-shi;Hukusima
2015 To subsidiary by "NIHON KIM" in Saitama-shi;Saitama
To transfer of Tokyo sales office in Kawaguchi-shi;Saitama

Authorization / approval / licensing(ISO and HACCP)

Certification name Acquisition date
ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems-Requirements October 30, 2015
ISO 22000:2005 Food safety management systems-Requirements for any organization in the food chain November 27, 2014

Affiliate Companies


HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD operates from manufacturing to sales of various types of containers, such as food and beverage cans, and plastic containers like PET bottles. We always introduce new products to the market by our original technologies and accomplishment of R&D. In order to respond to customer’s needs, we offer most advanced products such as well-designed Crystal can, MC can, FP can which enables to changes the form to many different designs, PET bottles which has both lightweight and barrier technology. As a result, we receive many reptations from our customers.