Container Business Nihion Kim Co.,Ltd

Container Business Nihion Kim Co., Ltd.

MESSAGEDefine possibilities in niche market

Nihon Kim Co.,Ltd operates everything from design and development, manufacture to sales of soft containers. For example, the film container with cap, which recently becomes popular container, was first developed by us in1977. By modifiying the structure, form, and raw materials of cap with our own technology and knowledge, our soft containers are used for various products such as medicare and paint. In addition, our products are contributed as functional parts of many products, so that the flexibility and efficiency of our products are

Nihon Kim Co., Ltd was established as manufacturing and processing service company specified in synthetic resin producs and containars for medical products in 1977. Since 2000, we have expanded the pauch container business, and in 2015, became one of Hokkan Holdings group companies by being a subsidiary of Tohto Seikei Co.,Ltd. To introduce new products which have both functionality and designability to the market, we will put the best effort to make a significant contribution with our manufacturing competency.

Corporate Profile

Company name Nihion Kim Co., Ltd.
Representative Hideyoshi Orihara, president and representative director
Establishment date January 26, 1977
Capital 24 million yen
Headquaters・First Factory・Second Factory
247-2 Iida, Nishi-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture
Third Factory
277-2 Iida, Nishi-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture

Business Domains

  • Design, development, manufacture, and design planning of soft containers with cap
  • product functionality planning, design plannning, and sales of soft containers

Corporate History

1977 Jan established as manufacturing and processing service company specified in synthetic resin producs and containars for medical products with capital of 2.7 million yen at Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
1985 Mar Transferred headquaters from Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo to Saitama-shi, Saitama
1989 Feb Capital increased to 12 million yen
1991 Apr Capital increased to 24 million yen
2002 Aug Completion of semiauto manufacturing machine, expantion of ink pouch business
2003 Jun expantion of pouch business, increments of semiauto manufacturing machines
2004 May approved ISO 9001
2010 May transferred manufacturing facilities to Third factory, and started operation
2015 Jan Became a subsidiary of Tohto Seikei Co., Ltd.

Affiliate Companies

Hokkai Can Co., Ltd.

Hokaki Can Co., Ltd operates from manufacturing to sales of various types of containers, such as food and beverage cans, and plastic containers like PET bottles. We always introduce new products to the market by our original technologies and accomplishment of R&D. In order to respond to customer’s needs, we offer most advanced products such as well-designed cristal can, MC can, FP can which enables to changes the form to many different designs, PET bottles which has both lightweight and barrier technology. As a result, we receive many reptations from our customers.

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