Container Business COSME SCIENCE CO.,LTD

Container Business COSME SCIENCE CO.,LTD

MESSAGEcosmetic OEM business with original know-how and advanced facilities

COSME SCIENCE CO.,LTD has been operating contract manufacturing business of skin care and hair care products since 1984. We restarted our business as HOKKAI CAN’s subsidiary in 2013, and newly established the factory at Kita-ku, Tokyo in 2016. In our business, we offer total services that operate from design and production to distribution, and endeavor to provide high quality and safety of production in order to create trustful relationship with customers.

We, COSME SCIENCE CO.,LTD, which supports cosmetic products from planning, enable to manufacture highly qualified and functional products with technologies and knowledge cultivated for many years. In addition, to expand our business, we provide large warehouse that becomes significant facility of distribution, and bag-making filling type of brick pouch manufacturing line which is Japan’s first manufacturing line. We do not only focus on formulation development of cosmetic products, but we also out the best effort on development of containers which will fit to any needs in the market.

Corporate Profile

Representative Takashi Miyamoto, president and representative director
Establishment date November 9, 1984
Capital 80 million yen
Offices 1-2-27 Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo
URL http://www.cosme-science.co.jp

Business Domains

  • R&D and manufacturing of cosmetics and quasi drugs
  • Planning/Manufacturing/Selling cosmetics and quasi drugs

Corporate History

1984 Nov COSMESCIENCE CO.,LTD founded by Yoshitaka Ishiwata, the company’s former president
1985 The first factory established in Asaka-city, Saitama
Dr.BAELTZ CO.,LTD founded as a subsidiary of COSMESCIENCE CO.,LTD
1988   Installed a vacuum emulsifier for 400L
1989   Installed a quadruple filling machine
1990   Dr.ERWiN CO.,LTD founded as a subsidiary of COSMESCIENCE CO.,LTD
1994   Developed non-oil sunscreen lotion gel
1995   Developed proprietary components,“USPT active complex extract” which helps aging prevention by reducing lipid peroxides and reactive oxygen species
2001 Developed eye-care gel and massage gel whose components include jojoba ester
2002   Developed white soaps made of bean curd and black soap made of sesame ingredients, both of which include vegetable fatty acids as their main components
Created a new market of “cosmetics whose components include Japanese traditional food ingredients”
2003   Developed skin care products for infants,“baby’s”, which include jellylike molecule, alcarigenes polysaccharides
Developed aging care products focused on female hormone,“TAPLIS”
2004   Introduced a vacuum emulsifer for 150L
Introduced Shampoo manufacturing equipment for 2,000L
2006   Released local cosmetics,“kyuuri-sui”in collabolation with Agriculture Development Corporation of Sukagawa-city. “Kyuuri-sui” is face lotion whose components include a cucumber as a ingredient
2007   Installed an automatic filling machine produced by MASEMATIC CO.,LTD
2008   Installed a vacuum emulsifier for 650L
2009   Installed a quadruple automatic machine and an automatic cartoner
2015 Jun Takashi Miyamoto became a new president of COSMESCIENCE CO.,LTD
December Moved COSMESCIENCE Co.’s headquarters and factory to newly established Tokyo factory in Kita-ku, Tokyo


Certification name Acquisition date
License of manufacturing business of cosmetics and quasi drug Jan, 2016
License of manufacturing and selling business of cosmetics and quasi drug May, 2013

Affiliate Companies


HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD operates from manufacturing to sales of various types of containers, such as food and beverage cans, and plastic containers like PET bottles. We always introduce new products to the market by our original technologies and accomplishment of R&D. In order to respond to customer’s needs, we offer most advanced products such as well-designed Crystal can, MC can, FP can which enables to changes the form to many different designs, PET bottles which has both lightweight and barrier technology. As a result, we receive many reptations from our customers.