Management Philosophy

  • We set group identity to contribute for society and culture through our three main business, containers, filling, and machine production businesses, and endeavor to maximize our corporate value for all investors.
  • We strive to develop technologies and business models as company group which make best efforts to quality-oriented, and provide the best products. Also, we set global environment as important issue, and contribute widely to social and economic development.

Corporate Code of Ethics at HOKKAN HOLDINGS

Corporate Code of Ethics: A Message for the Executives and Employees of HOKKAN HOLDINGS

HOKKAN HOLDINGS establishes our "Four-mission statement" management philosophy and the company rules (company regulations) to promote legitimate fair business operations. As, not only legal compliance, but also fair corporate activities and corporate ethics have become increasingly important, at this time, the company has compiled the points of concern as the “Code of Ethics for the Executives and Employees of HOKKAN HOLDINGS,” to which every executive and employee of the company should pay particular attention to, in order to further ensure our corporate compliance(note).

All executives and employees of HOKKAN HOLDINGS shall be aware of the active use of this code of conduct as a guide for daily activities and duties as a member of the company. You also shall reconfirm any laws, regulations, systems, and company rules that relate to your own work, in order to take responsible conduct a step further.

When any problems occur by chance regarding compliance, it is necessary to immediately contact your supervisors and related organizations to adequately cope with the matter. Each manager shall endeavor to take preventive measures against problem occurrence and appropriately handle the issues upon onset, by paying attention to communications with subordinates on a routine basis in order to create an atmosphere in which they can easily talk about the problems that have unfortunately occurred.

Enacted in January 2004

Code of Ethics of the Executives and Employees at HOKKAN HOLDINGS

Basic Philosophy

The executives and employees of HOKKAN HOLDINGS LIMITED shall observe all laws, regulations, and company rules in order to pursue their duties, maintain business manners, and behave in a responsible manner conforming to social norms.

Compliance Rules

Supplementary Provisions

  • This code applies to all executives and employees (including advisers, non-regular staff, and workers temporary transferred from other companies). In addition, this also applies to the dispatched workers who are regularly stationed to work at the company.
  • Provide the by lows of this code.
  • The disciplinary actions for violations of this code are, like other company rules, determined based on the Rules of Employment depending on the content/degree of violations.
  • The jurisdiction of this code belongs to the Corporate Ethical Committee (Secretariat: General Affairs Department), and any important revisions to this code require the approval of the board of directors.
  • Establishment and enforcement: January 1, 2004