Container Business

Container Business

Create new era of container product with HOKKAN originality

In container business, we manufacture food and beverage cans, plastic bottles, and special use containers such as spray cans and design cans. With concentrating business know-how in HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD, the core manufacturing organization of these containers, and other highly expertized companies in HOKKAN HOLDINGS group, we endeavor to keep developing technical strength and organizational capability to quickly respond to diversified customers’ needs in the market. In addition, we take a unified approach in its marketing activities, consolidation production, and sales in order to have competitive advantage in the market. We will keep developing and offering attractive products to the society with our technology.

Business field

Container manufacturing

Safety resaerch

New product developmet

Container manufacturing

Beverage cans

Keep developing manufacturing method such as energy saving manufacturing

Plastic containers

Develop original PET bottles by using our various patented technology. Also, developing new technology “barrier technology” in order to further use in the market.

Food containers

Manufacture high quality various use of cans with actively using advanced technology. Focusing on various kinds of materials and putting best effort to develop original cans.

Design cans

Design cans are containers to put snacks, dry seaweed, and teas. Manufacturing highly praised cans by using advanced printing technology

Aersol containers

Manufacturing pesticides, hair sprays, paints, and lighter gas containers with high-safety

Soft containers

Manufacturing pouch containers that have beatification and functionality with special materials that are used for toiletry products including cosmetics, detergents, and shampoo products.

Safety resaerch

To offer high-safety product, we focus on material of container itself and also keep researching about quality after filling such as degeneration of containers and secular change. We keep researching and developing in order to provide high safety container products under which manufacturing condition.

Reseach items

Degeneration of containers, secular change, sterilizing method

Since competition in container business industry has been intensifying, developing original product is the key to take advantage in the market. We put the best effort to develop new containers with using our experiences and know-how from marketing and product research. We do not only focus on quality of containers, but also keep researching and developing about safety of new material containers and designs for fulfilling market preference. With manufacturing spirit supported by our commitment towards manufacturing that has been passed down from our forebears since the establishment, we will keep developing new valued products that enable to define new value in the market.

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HOKKAI CAN CO.,LTD operates from manufacturing to sales of various types of containers, such as food and beverage cans, and plastic containers like PET bottles. We always introduce new products to the market by our original technologies and accomplishment of R&D. In order to respond to customer’s needs, we offer most advanced products such as well-designed Crystal can, MC can, FP can which enables to changes the form to many different designs, PET bottles which has both lightweight and barrier technology. As a result, we receive many reptations from our customers.