Machine Production Business

Machinery Production Business

Certain technology to create new business opportunity

We offers a full range of machine manufacturing services such as container molds for cans and PET bottles, beverage containers manufacturing machines, and filling machines. The machines developed help support the growth of containers and filling businesses in HOKKAN HOLDINGS groups. We also leverages the technologies it has natured in the development of manufactruing machines for beverage containers to expand its operations to vatious industries such as car and medical indsutries. we sincerely respond to all customer’s needs with total cordination system which undertakes everything from the design and production of manufacturing machines to installation of production lines, and further to construction of factories. We always parsue the future possibility of machine, develop machine products that are advanced in the industry, and make innovations to various industries.

Business field

Industrial machinery

We produce industrial machinery for car engine parts manufacturing, battely manufacturing, and quality and durability testing.


We produce precision molds for various types of beverage containers which require 0.001mm of micro-level precision.

Food processing machine

We manufacture liquid filling machine for small bag, automatic packing machines, and quality control tools. Made-to-order manufacturing is available.

Beverage Liquid containers related machines

We do not only produce manufacturing machines for beverage containers, but also respond to the each customer’s needs with order-made service.


We mainly maintain container manufacturing machines for drinks.


We mainly design, produce, and construct the drink container and filling manufacturing lines with customer’s needs.

Produce machines for other industories

We offers a full range of machine manufacturing and system services such as automobile, medical, and agricaltural industries. We set our business concept as offering new valued product and system to respond to every existing and future customer needs with the technologies that has natured i n the development of manufacturing machines. We believe that contributing customers’ business by offering more valued products will also reflect to the contribution for our society. Therefore, we will keep challenging to develop our technologies.

Original construct technology

We have offered order-made manufacturing machines undertaking from design and production to installation. To expand business in the competitive market, we keep developing our original technology in order to respond to requirements for productivity improvement with micron-level precision inventory and environmental performance improvement.

Consistent facilities

We imply the most advanced facilities and devices to respond to customers’ requirements in every industry. For every customer, we offer total coordinating services which undertakes from the design and production of manufacturing machines to installation. We also support customers after installation of our productions.

Affiliate Companies


OS MACHINERY is a general machine manufacturer which offers machines for customers in various industries, especially for beverage containers industry. We design and produce manufacturing machines for new ideal can and bottles such as the ultra-high-speed container manufacturing machines and can precision molds which require micron-level precision. After producing them, we provide services that undertake after product service, installation of production lines, and further construction of factories.