Business Outline

Business Outline

Leading market at the forefront

At Hokkan Holdings Limited, operating companies engaged in container manufacturing, packing, machinery manufacturing work on their own to enhance their technologies and know-how,while also working with each other across business segments in an effort to become a corporate group that can respond to the expectation of the society. In addition, we actively commit to activities to reduce environmental damages such as product weight. We endeavor to become a company that respects the “century of the environment,” and will lead the market by challenging new valuable product.

Business Field

Machine Production

Can manufacturing machinery・machine tools development, maintenance, overhauling, engineering activities

Corporate structure

Placement of fixed position for core
subsidiaries in Hokkan Holdings Limited

Establish our reputation in the market by "manufacturing competency"

We believe that we,as a total packaging company, have strong position in the market, and it is because we have highly developed “manufacturing competency” that can quickly and flexibly respond to complicated needs in the market. It is not only stated as manufacturing technology, but it is also because of our comprehensive competency that can simultaneously offer three strengths, “Sales structure” which accurately recognizes each customer’s needs,“manufacturing structure” which quickly respond to customer’s demands and cost reduction, and “technological development structure” which enable to provide our own manufacturing planning. Thus, we will mazimize our corporate value and endeavor to keep developing our “manufacturing competency” that has possibility to create new market.

For creation of new market and market activation, it is necessary to provide well managed corporate structure that can respond to future market needs,

Needs in the market

Business networking in Hokkan Holdings Group


Hokkai Can Co., Ltd.

  • HokkaidoShowa Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • Gunma
    • Nitto Seiki Co., Ltd.
    • Chiyoda factory
    • Tohto Seikei Co., Ltd.
  • Saitama
    • Iwatsuki factory
    • Central Laboratory
    • Work Service Co., Ltd.
    • COSME SCIENCE Co., Ltd.
    • Nihion Kim Co., Ltd.
  • Shiga Shiga Office
  • IndonesiaPT.Hokkan Indonesia

Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.

  • Gunma
    • First factory
    • Second factory
    • Akagi factory
    • Tonegawa factory
  • SaitamaKujirai Nyugyo Co., Ltd.
  • GifuNishi Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.
  • MalasiaNihon Canpack Malasia Sdn. Bhd.
  • VietnamNihon Canpack (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

OsMachinery Corp.

  • HokkaidoOtaru factory
  • GunmaGunma factory
  • ShizuokaKE・OS Machinery Co., Ltd.
Group affiliate