Filling Business

Filling Business

Establish unwaving trust with quality and speed

We actively invest to latest model facilities to provide manufacturing lines of PET and cans for responding to various size and materials. We get consigment of filling service from leading beverage companies because we can manufacture the products with exactly within the those customers’ quality requirement. Especially, our aseptic filling line that qualified to pass the highly strected requirement of aseptic condition in internal lequid, conteriner, filling environment, packing, can offer the fastest filling services in the world which fill 1200 bottles per a munite, so that it provides high quality management, safety management, and high productivity. Thus, we receive great reputation from many beverage leading companies.

business domains


we offer various valued products to the market by understanding needs in the market and developing new products with well planned marketing strategy.


mizxing materials by machinery operation, and carefully inspecting the sample. We prepare the best quality management structure by gathering the data from each mixing lot.


we prepare various types of filling machines in order to respond to many kinds of beverages, so that we currently produce coffee, teas, and alchole beverages.


Working with paper box packing company, Tomoku Co., Ltd, and sharing technology and supply line of paper box packing. We endeover to reduce the total cost with keeping the logistics line.


Treaceability system is product management system. By using the system, we are able to easily manage product transport in lot unit and palette unit.

Total Packaging Service

The beverage market in Japan has matured, so that it is difficult to expect future demand in the market. On the other hand, conpetition has been intensifying in the beveraeg market. In such situation, we will develop and introduce more attravtive products than other competitors to the market in order to keep the share in the market. Moreover, reduction of the cost will be another key to advance in the competitive market.

With these situations as a background, we established total packaging system, which consistently performs procuriment of raw materials, development of products, line inspection, manufacturing processes of mixing and filling, packing, and shipping. We established this system ahead of the market, and the advantage of the system is to reduce the total product cost with high productivity and quality. As a result, we have earned customers’ trust.

Total Packaging Service flow chart

Affiliate Companies

Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.

Nihon Canpack Co.,Ltd is contract filling company mainly focusing on both can and pet bottled beverages. We have facilities that can flexibily respond to both huge and small amount of filling demands, and also filling for many types of special shape bottles. Especially, our fastest aseptic filling line in the world, which can fill 1200 bottles per munite, produces 29 billion bottles per year which is the top of Japne. Our facilities are also able to fill 1500 cans per munite.

Nihon Canpack Co., Ltd.